Take control of your dating life

and start meeting girls you like anywhere - streets, shops, cafes, gyms, elevators, tennis courts, etc.

I help guys who are tired of dating average girls from work, friends and online dating to learn to meet girls they like anywhere

Simply walk up to them and get to know them.

I don’t focus on daygame theory and writing books about dating. All the theory has already been written. And most of the books are almost the same.

Instead I focus on

  • How to stop reading, overcome fear and actually start talking to girls you like;
  • No bullshit approach to learning daygame fast instead of doing it off and on for years;
  • How to be able to meet girls in every city you travel to.

Depending on where you are in your dating journey, I've put together 3 packages of free content to help you with

Approach Anxiety

I've made a lot of content that has helped guys overcome the fear of talking to girls, do their first opens and spend less time between sets

Learn Daygame Faster

Most guys keep daygaming on and off for years with very limited results. I've created A LOT of step-by-step technical explanations about stuff that works best in daygame. Plus podcast episodes covering most of the pitfalls you'll face when learning cold approach

What to do after getting the number?

Getting numbers is the easy part of dating. You still have to text them and go on dates. If you're already getting numbers but they don't come out on dates. Or you can't seem to figure out the dates. I have several free online courses teaching you everything you need to know

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