Learn to meet, date and sleep with hot and interesting girls

I’ve met many guys.

Guys who are just starting out. They are afraid to go talk to a girl, don’t know how to start a conversation. Girls often don’t stop or “have to go to work” after 10 seconds. Even when they overcome the fear and start talking to girls, they learn the hard truth – it was just the first step. It doesn’t mean girls will start sleeping with them.

And guys who have been trying to learn daygame for some time. They have been learning on their own for months, maybe years. But still aren’t getting laid as often as they wanted and with the quality of girls they like. They keep thinking that one day they will be good. But mostly the improvements over the last few months have been minimal.

But I’ve also seen guys learn to stop girls, start a conversation in a way that makes the girl forget where she was going, have 10 minute long conversations, get numbers, dates and get laid with beautiful girls.

That is what I teach during infield daygame coaching.

My story


After ending my last relationship in the summer of 2017, I knew I didn’t want anymore relationships for a while.

I knew how to meet girls online, but I didn’t like the quality there. I could seduce girls in my social circle – friends, business events, hobbies, etc. But, as I was getting older, so were the girls in my social circle. I never liked going out to clubs so learning flashy night game was out of the question. That’s how I discovered daygame.

I started going out almost every day to daygame. But it took me 2 weeks of spending 2 hours/day looking for a girl to open to finally overcome my fear and talk to a random girl. But I was dedicated. Once I was on – I was on. I went out for several hours most days. And on my free time I was consuming all of the best content I could find. I found wings, recorded sets and daygamed. A LOT. I had no one to point out my mistakes. So I made a lot of them. I got blown out, number didn’t respond, girls didn’t come on dates. And when they did – I had to go on 3 dates to get laid.

But I kept going out. In autumn. In winter. In spring. I was getting good. I mean – really good. By the next spring I had done 700 sets and had gotten laid with many girls.


I had been exchanging e-mails with the guy I learnt everything from, Tom Torero. I accidentally ran into him in Riga. After he heard my story and the results I was getting, he said – "your results are top level world wide. You should coach" I said “Maybe one day”, went home and started working on my website the same day.

I thought everyone who was daygaming was getting laid. But the more guys I met, the more I realised – there were so many daygamers, but almost no one was getting laid. I started coaching my first students and understood why most daygamers kept struggling. My approach to game was very structured. Guys didn’t see the mistakes they were making. And even when they did – it was very hard to change the behaviour on their own. I quickly saw the mistakes they were making. And taught them using the same methods I used when being life and business coach for business owners over the last years. And finally – guys who were struggling for a long time started to get laid.

That summer was crazy – non stop daygame, many lays, threesomes, foursomes. And it ended with me being on the largest daygame podcasts in the world after which I started receiving requests to coach from all over the world.


That was several years ago. Since then I’ve coached guys from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Israel, all over Europe and probably some more places. I’ve travelled to coach to different places in Europe, North America and Latin America.

I’ve also worked with the largest Russian dating coaching company, RMES and one of the biggest names in the daygame world.

I've appeared on several big podcasts and YouTube Channels(Tom Torero, Robbie Kramer, James Tusk), Latvian national radio and some of the biggest business/ideas conferences in Latvia(BizFests, Lampa).

Since autumn 2019. I’ve left my apartment and have been living from city to city daygaming, coaching daygame, learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and just enjoying life.

Now I’ve slept with over 150 girls – the nice, the bitchy, princess, student, lawyer, doctor, camgirl, innocent looking and wild party girls. Most of my lays happen on the first date. And I’ve done it all – threesomes, foursomes, BDSM, girls with boyfriends and husbands, good girls, bad girls, party girls, sugar babies – I’ve done it. I don’t teach guys to be nice guys. I teach guys how to do in real life the stuff they watch on questionable websites while using Incognito mode.

I Believe In Structured Daygame Learning

When I see any daygame student in action I figure out exactly which part of the daygame interaction isn’t working for him. Usually it’s

  • just growing some balls and opening instead of finding reasons not to
  • wrong way to stop a girl which freaks the girl out
  • boring conversation starters after which the girl “has to go”
  • too much “fun, entertainer guy” instead of acting like a normal person
  • not being able to find the right topics to have an interesting conversation about
  • having a nice American-style chit-chat instead of a real conversation which makes the girl want you
  • being seen as a “nice guy” not a guy she wants

In each set we focus on one problem. As soon as it’s fixed we go to the next one. I’ve found this to be a very fast way to learn. This usually takes student’s daygame to a new level after each session.

Will Daygame Work For Me?


Saying that age doesn't matter would be a lie. But it matters much less than you think.

I've seen guys from 20s to 50s do great in daygame. As long as you're taking decent care of your health, looks and style - you should be fine.


I get questions about this all the time. After years of coaching white, black, brown and Asian men I've to say - it doesn't matter as much as you think in most places. And in some places it gives you an advantage(smaller than you'd like it to be).

It's easier to think you are not succeeding because of an outside factor. Not because of your daygame skills. If daygame hasn't worked for you so far it is not because of your race. It's because of your daygame skills.

I've seen guys of all races that I've worked with get great results. That being said - in some places there are a few extra rules you've to know. We'll talk about them.


One of the best daygamers I've ever met was short. And because of a surgery he had his voice was VERY high. Still - incredible results.

It's easier to think you are not succeeding because of an outside factor. Not because of your daygame skills. If daygame hasn't worked for you so far it is not because you're short. It's because of your daygame skills.

There are many aspects to good looks. Height is one of them. If you're short, just make sure you are taking good care of the other factors.


If you're a little overweight, that's fine. You don't have to be in top shape to be good with women.

If you're VERY obese(40% body fat), you'll need to loose weight. I consider myself a good coach. But I'm not a magician. Other than that - it should be doable.

Who Shouldn’t Get Coaching With Me


I don’t respect words like “bitch” or any other disrespectful behaviour towards women. Girls have their reactions and attitudes. If you're angry at them for that, it just means you really aren't getting how the dating market and the world works.

If you don’t like girls, don’t learn daygame. Regardless of whether you’re a nice guy or a bad boy, you should respect women.


Learning daygame takes a lot of work. My goal isn't just to teach you to get results when I'm next to you. My goal is to make you able to go great daygame sets when you're back at your regular life.

If you think you'll get coaching for a few days and be a daygame guru - you won't. You'll have to go out and talk to girls after coaching. A lot.

This isn't a magic pill. But if you're willing to do the work - I'll teach you everything you need to know to the best of my abilities.


You've tried “being yourself”. It didn't work. I teach daygame based on a model that works. AFTER you start getting real results you can build your game around your personality. But not before.


I won't teach you how to get a wife tomorrow. If you choose to do so eventually, I’m all for it. But if you want to keep opening doors, bringing chocolate and flowers and believing in “We’re not gonna have sex today” I’m probably not the guy for you.

I used to wing with an amazing dude. His daygame was strong. He could easily get numbers. He could even get girls to his place from street or on the first dates. But he was a nice guy. So the girls almost never slept with him.

One evening, after yet another girl who didn’t sleep with him, we had a long phone conversation. After it he started getting laid non-stop. First date lays, same day lays, club pulls, etc. I didn’t turn him into a bad boy. I just explained what girls actually mean when they act like princesses, say they’re not gonna have sex with you, etc.

Why Should I Work With St. Robert?


When I travel, I meet many daygamers. Every daygamers is a fan of some coach. There are only two things I want to know:

Who did you learn from?

How many daygame lays do you have?

A guy can be a fan of some coach but if he isn’t getting laid enough, I don’t care about the coach and his “great” YouTube material. Everyone is a fan of someone. But is he getting laid?

Listen to the podcast episodes where I chat with my students about their results months or years after coaching. Watch the videos where I'm coaching my students. Join our group chat and ask who has been coached by me and what their thoughts are.


Unlike most of the big names in the industry, I never hand down my students to other coaches. In my eyes that is an unethical money-grab. The only guy coaching you will be me personally.


People learn in very different speeds and ways. Two guys being coached at the same time could have very different challenges. One student will almost always either slow the progress of the other one or will be rushed to keep up(and feel like he's doing worse than the other guy). People are different. It's not a good idea for guys who are learning fast. And even worse for guys with strong approach anxiety.


If you're reading this coaching description, you've seen my YouTube videos. I'm very technical in YouTube videos that have to be useful to everyone watching them. When I see someone cold approach, I can recognize the mistakes instantly. And I can go into much finer technical details that will work specifically for that student(while being useless for most other people)


I have studied life and business coaching in one of the world's largest coaching schools, Erickson Coaching International. I have spent several years being a life and business coach for business owners and their teams. And have given seminars and spoken in conferences. I have a lot of experience not just in daygame but in coaching and teaching things to very different types of people.

Most Common Questions


Many guys learn daygame on their own. I know a few who have succeeded. I learnt everything by myself. But for every 1 guy who learnt on his own I know around 50-100 guys who keep struggling for months or years, work on their game but don’t seem to get anywhere regardless of how hard they work.

Most guys I know who suceeded on their own did so in 6 months or less. If you've been at this for more than 6 months(on and off counts) - the statistics aren't on your side.

And while learning you keep spending many hours in the streets and money on dates.

If you go out for 2 hours 3x week, that’s 6h a week. That’s 300 hours in a year. Add the time you spend watching, reading and chatting with other daygamers. And dates. That’s A LOT of time with very little results.

And let’s say you go on 1 date a week. That’s 50 dates in a year. If you’re in Western Europe or USA, you probably spend around 50$ on a date. That’s 2500$ on dates in a year. If you get laid in 1 out of every 5 dates, that’s 250$ for each time you get laid.

And all of this is considering you are actually going out enough, getting numbers, girls are responding, coming out on dates and sleeping with you once in a while.

I don’t know about you. But I would rather learn daygame faster and sleep 1 out of every 2 dates with hotter and more interesting girls(that’s how often good daygamers get laid).


I will be listening to all conversations you'll have with girls. That will help me understand what your biggest mistakes are and what exactly you should do to fix them.

I will use small Bluetooth mics or a phone call with headphones to listen to your sets.


No. I do not record any conversations students have.

If you want to, I can take some photos of you talking to girls so you might enjoy looking back at them.

If you want to be able to look back at it in the future, we can film a video of your coaching experience with no extra cost. As long as I can use it on my YouTube channel(your face can be blurred). You can change your mind in the future and I'll take it down.


We'll do two 2-hour long sessions each day at the best times. Around lunch time and when people finish working and are on their way home.

The goal is for you to do 10 sets in each session.

If you are over 50 or get tired easily, I suggest endind a sessions at 10 sets, even if it's sooner than 2 hours. But that's up to you to decide.

Regardless of how old and in what shape you are - you will be tired by the end of the day.


When necessary, I'll do demo sets. I will open girls to show you how I daygame. Because of three reasons:

  • To show you specific techniques, for example teasing
  • When I explain what to change after each set you do, I only focus on 1-2 most important things. To not get you overwhelmed. When you see me talk to a girl you'll notice many thing I hadn't had an opportunity to explain
  • You get to rest a little between your sets

I do demo sets if they're necessarry for a student. But in cases where it's better for you to do more sets, we'll focus on that instead of you seeing me in sets. It all comes down to what will give the student the most results.

How Much Daygame Can You Learn In A Few Days?

Learning daygame can take a long time. Some guys learn it in half a year. Others don’t learn in after trying for several years.

It’s completely different if you learn it with a coach!

I can’t tell exactly what results to expect from coaching. But I can tell how much other students typically learn in 3-5 days.

Most guys who are starting to learn daygame come for 3 or 5 days of coaching.

Some of them don't have any daygame experience. Others have had coaching from some of the biggest names in the industry but still weren't gettting any results


We work on stopping girls the right way to be sure they will not just walk around the student.

We work on starting the conversation the right way to make girls interested in you instead of just saying "I have to go" or "I have a boyfriend"

By the end of first day girls are stopping to talk. And students might even start getting some numbers.


Days 2 and 3 are for learning all the daygame techniques to have full length 5-10 minute conversations with girls.

Usually the students will also do a few two sets.

Almost all students are getting numbers by the end of day 3. Many are getting dates.


This really depends on a student.

If a student is learning in a good pace and understands all the basics, we go into more advanced topics - two sets and group sets, challenging, qualification questions, instant dates, same day lays.

If a student is learning a little slower, we keep polishing the basics.

If a student has very strong approach anxiety and struggles to open when I'm not with him, we'll spend these days making him more independent. Coaching sessions where I'm observing him and listening to the sets from the distance, remote sessions, etc.

What My Students Have To Say?

Just finished a five-day infield coaching session with Robert, and am still glowing from two passionate encounters with women who look like they stepped off the set of a James Bond movie.

Robert was constantly giving me extremely detailed, technical advice on what exactly I need to work on to improve my game, and seeing the results in real time has been mind-boggling. I had dabbled in daygame for years, mostly without a structure, and reached a point where I was pretty sure that if I kept doing what I had always been doing then I’d get the results I’d always been getting (which is to say not much). After dozens of sets under Rob’s watchful eye, his no-bullshit feedback has saturated my daygame, to the point that I’m pretty much able to analyse my sets in the same way that he would during the coaching.

Robert is the archetype of the professor who is not gonna try to dazzle you with crazy hacks, but is going to give you the straight talk for what you need to do to get whatever results you’re going for. He’s a pro, and getting coaching from him has been one hell of an adventure.


28, San Francisco, USA

I have only great things to say about Robert. He is simply an excellent daygame coach, period. I chose to go with the 5 day coaching option. We did three days, then one off, then 2 more days. 2 sessions per day. I did 112 approaches, I got 18 numbers. I’ve been on 3 dates and got 1 lay so far but I’m still texting and setting up dates with chicks right now so those numbers are going to go up.

I had been doing approaches before and read a lot of material from Tom Torero, was following the London Daygame Model. But I was having serious problems with approach anxiety and was very much stuck. I had heard about Robert from Tom’s podcast and I knew he was a no bullshit type of guy and that’s what I needed.

And that’s exactly what I got. Robert is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. All coaching is done in the field. No kumbaya therapy sessions. This is an intense, immersive experience. It will definitely test you mentally and emotionally (physically too, I averaged 25,000 steps per day). But Robert is there to help you. He does a combination of telling you what to do and asking you to explain to him what you did/should have done in sets. This helped me a lot to understand what works and what doesn’t.

The way it goes, you have a mic on you and Robert listens in to the set and after you go back to him and debrief. Then after a couple of approaches you switch the mic, Robert does a set and you listen in (and realize how much better he is than you ????). At the end of it all Robert gives you a breakdown of how you did and what you should do going forward.

Like I said Robert is a no bullshit type of guy. He’s not going to hold your hand and mother you. He’s going to push you and because of this you will see rapid progress over your coaching period. If you really want to get results from daygame and you’re willing to push yourself then I would highly recommend you hire Robert. It could potentially be life changing.

P.S. – If you are loosing your hair like I was this maniac might come at you with a set of clippers. I look like Lex Luthor now ????

Mr. M

29, Toronto, Canada

My interest in Daygame came from a breaking point. I had started seeing a girl and out of the blue she decided to end things. What was most surprising about the breakup was that I clung (hard) and tried to get her to reconsider. The girl was very attractive but beyond that she wasn’t that interesting and our chemistry wasn’t great. But lately I hadn’t been meeting many girls that were both attractive and wanted a relationship rather than something casual. I had been with almost 90 women previously and at this stage just wanted something longer term. It didn’t take me long to conclude that I had low optionality regarding attractive women. I wasn’t meeting enough of them consistently, mostly because I was relying on apps where it’s rare to meet top tier (in looks) women. But living in NYC I come across attractive women all the time. So, I decided I needed to open a new source of meeting attractive women.

Daygame had a lot of appeal. I don’t enjoying going out much at night, so this seemed like a great alternative. It also struck me as incredibly hard, which actually made it attractive. It seemed that if one could successfully daygame it would be a massive achievement, and improve confidence in all areas of life. I researched a number of coaches and right away I became interested in Robert. I liked how candid he was about both successes and failures, and he didn’t look like a Hollywood movie star, where you might wonder if his success was just based on his looks. We had a phone conversation and I decided he was the right coach. Shortly after we booked a training session in Prague.

We started off on a Saturday morning. I had zero daygame experience and hadn’t read or watched any instructional content. I was a blank slate for Robert to mold. Our first focus was the stop and over the next days my success in stopping would come and go. Robert would always ask me why a stop didn’t work, so that I would internalize the learning myself. Whenever you attempt a stop, the girl is making a very quick assessment on a number of vectors, such as “is this a threat?”, “is this person trying to sell me something?”, “is this guy cool enough for me to talk to him?”, etc… But most of that is happening subconsciously and very small differences on how you present yourself can be the difference between her stopping and not. For example, one that made a big difference for me was smiling.

Periodically Robert would do demos. He never had an issue getting girls to stop, even though many attempts weren’t what a newbie should do e.g. Stopping from the side. It really cemented the idea that a lot of what determines a successful stop is your own confidence in the stop. When you’re a beginner, you’ll be less confident in a stop, so details like getting in front, running to get the right energy, speaking loudly, etc… will be more important. But over time those will have less importance if you gain confidence in your stops.

Seeing Robert’s demos also allowed me to witness an end to end interaction because he would almost always end up with a number. His stacks always flowed nicely and the girls would become fully engaged in the conversation.

Over the next days we continued to practice our sets. As my stops got better I started having longer conversations and learning stacking myself. I also ventured out by myself a couple times because Robert wanted me to see what it would be like to approach without him pointing the girls out. This was incredibly hard for me, and hence another great lesson. On my first outing it took me 5hrs and 28k steps to reach my goal of 10 approaches. I realize how irrational my approach fear is but it can still get the best of me. The next time I did better, doing 8 approaches in 2hrs.

As I started having more conversations and getting more numbers, I started setting up dates. All of my number closes responded to my text messages and I think I could have set up a date with every one of them, had I had more time. Ultimately I ended up going on 3 dates, with 3 22 year olds. I didn’t end up getting any lays from these dates but I felt I could’ve closed things on a second date, which all the girls were interested in.

As I was walking home from my third date, I saw a tall girl on her phone outside a bar. I decided to just go for it and opened her. I used all the techniques I had learned in the previous days. I went direct and started stacking. She was on her phone looking to get a cab but soon she got really into the conversation. I told her to come get a last drink for the night and she agreed. And it so happened that I lived a block away and I had some wine. Things escalated quickly and I got the lay, though at the time I didn’t know the concept of gutter game so I didn’t think it had counted.

Over my week in Prague I did 106 approaches and got 11 numbers. It was an amazing experience and Robert gave me all the necessary tools to start on my journey. In my first approach in NYC I was able to get a number. The next ones didn’t go as well, but whenever I did fail at a stop or a close, I can always hear Robert’s voice asking “why didn’t that work?” and I realize what was missing. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience and as Robert as a coach.


38, New York City, USA

Just finished a 3 day coaching session with Robert over the course of 2 weekends in NYC. I got 11 numbers, plus a number + instadate when I gamed alone midweek. More importantly, though, the lessons I learned will push my game to the next level and help me get consistent results.

There are not many people in the world who are great at daygame. Of those, only a certain tiny percentage are good teachers. Of those still, even fewer coach students systematically. Robert’s instruction is extremely practical and actionable – it comes from his own in-field experience as well perceptive analysis of what works and why. He is also a patient teacher – not shying from providing a live demonstration when necessary or explaining concepts in a clear manner. However, there’s no hand-holding – he expects you to push yourself and doesn’t allow you to cut corners. My one regret is not having done coaching much sooner. He is a true professional and it was a privilege being coached by him in the city that never sleeps!

Mr. R

31, New York City, USA



Mr. K

Tallinn, Estonia


London, UK

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The learn the basics

  • 2x2h each day
  • I will push you into sets to help you overcome approach anxiety
  • We will work on all parts - opening, getting a topic, storytelling, hing girls open up, number closing
  • Full review on the last day + tasks for you to do after the bootcamp



To learn everything

  • Everything as in the 3 day daygame bootcamp
  • When you have dates, instead of spending time on streets, I can go to, listen to and coach you through the dates
  • You can choose to take a 1 day break after day 3


The full service

  • 3 coaching calls to prepare you for coaching
  • 5 days of coaching in a great daygame city(or your city)
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls for a year to keep you accountable and help you through texting, dates & any other challenges
  • Analysis of 3 of your dates
  • 3 days of coaching in your city(6+ months later)
  • Stylist for two seasons(cold & warm)