Learn Daygame Without Infield Coaching

I’ve met many guys.

Guys who are just starting out. They are afraid to go talk to a girl, don’t know how to start a conversation. Girls often don’t stop or “have to go to work” after 10 seconds. Even when they overcome the fear and start talking to girls, they learn the hard truth – it was just the first step. It doesn’t mean girls will start sleeping with them.

And guys who have been trying to learn daygame for some time. They have been learning on their own for months, maybe years. But still aren’t getting laid as often as they wanted and with the quality of girls they like. They keep thinking that one day they will be good. But mostly the improvements over the last few months have been minimal.

But I’ve also seen guys learn to stop girls, start a conversation in a way that makes the girl forget where she was going, have 10 minute long conversations, get numbers, dates and get laid with beautiful girls.

3 Problems With Infield Coaching

While infield coaching is the best and fastest way to learn daygame - it isn't the only solution. And there are 3 problems it doesn't solve.


Most guys, even the ones with strong AA, can easily do 10 sets in a daygame session when I am coaching them. But unless they learn to go out on their own and do the same without me or their wings they'll struggle with daygame after coaching.


Students usually learn how to overcome approach anxiety very fast during coaching. They learn the fundamentals - opening, stacking, storytelling, teasing, how to build a connection with girls, number closing, etc. But I always warn them: if you take more than a few days off daygame in the first months of daygaming, approach anxiety will come back. And if you take more time off, for example a week, the newly learned skills will start fading away too. And it till take days, if not weeks, to bring it all back. If they don't learn to go out consistently, it's gonna be hard to keep the newly learned skills.


Infield coaching is the fastest way to learn daygame. Students are learning many thing at the same time. Sometimes it's hard to polish them and go into the smaller technical nuances. While infield coaching is the fastest way to learn daygame, for some guys it's too fast.

The Solution

That's why in 2022 I created an online course to teach guys all they need about daygame to meet girls they actually like while also solving the 3 problems infield coaching doesn't solve.


However good your stacking & storytelling is it means nothing without being able to go out regularly on your own.


Improve opening, stacking, storytelling, grounding and closing to get more numbers & dates

I wanted guys to learn these things slower than during infield coaching so they actually have time to process and integrate them.

And I wanted to make it into an affordable package for a fraction of the price of infield coaching. To do all of this we simply needed three things:


When learning daygame everyone is making MANY mistakes. But throughout each phase of learning daygame there are 1-2 key things. If you fix them many others will be solved on their own.

Every week student get a video explaining what to focus on when daygaming and homework to do to become better at chatting with girls – preparing better stacks, coming up with better teases, stories, etc.

Plus when necessary I give them extra videos about challenges that come up. Mental ups and downs, learning frame control, how to stop being a nice guy, etc.


You can have the best stacks, teases, stories and everything else. But to become good at meeting girls you actually like(not a random average girl here and there) you need to polish those skills by talking to a lot of beauties.

This program would never work without accountability.

Every week for 12 weeks you will have group accountability calls led by some of the best daygamers I know. The coach will keep you accountable and answer all the questions during the remaining time.


You will all be in a group chat where you can help each other polish your stacks and stories. And support each other.

My story


After ending my last relationship in the summer of 2017, I knew I didn’t want anymore relationships for a while.

I knew how to meet girls online, but I didn’t like the quality there. I could seduce girls in my social circle – friends, business events, hobbies, etc. But, as I was getting older, so were the girls in my social circle. I never liked going out to clubs so learning flashy night game was out of the question. That’s how I discovered daygame.

I started going out almost every day to daygame. But it took me 2 weeks of spending 2 hours/day looking for a girl to open to finally overcome my fear and talk to a random girl. But I was dedicated. Once I was on – I was on. I went out for several hours most days. And on my free time I was consuming all of the best content I could find. I found wings, recorded sets and daygamed. A LOT. I had no one to point out my mistakes. So I made a lot of them. I got blown out, number didn’t respond, girls didn’t come on dates. And when they did – I had to go on 3 dates to get laid.

But I kept going out. In autumn. In winter. In spring. I was getting good. I mean – really good. By the next spring I had done 700 sets and had gotten laid with many girls.


I had been exchanging e-mails with the guy I learnt everything from, Tom Torero. I accidentally ran into him in Riga. After he heard my story and the results I was getting, he said – "your results are top level world wide. You should coach" I said “Maybe one day”, went home and started working on my website the same day.

I thought everyone who was daygaming was getting laid. But the more guys I met, the more I realised – there were so many daygamers, but almost no one was getting laid. I started coaching my first students and understood why most daygamers kept struggling. My approach to game was very structured. Guys didn’t see the mistakes they were making. And even when they did – it was very hard to change the behaviour on their own. I quickly saw the mistakes they were making. And taught them using the same methods I used when being life and business coach for business owners over the last years. And finally – guys who were struggling for a long time started to get laid.

That summer was crazy – non stop daygame, many lays, threesomes, foursomes. And it ended with me being on the largest daygame podcasts in the world after which I started receiving requests to coach from all over the world.


That was several years ago. Since then I’ve coached guys from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Israel, all over Europe and probably some more places. I’ve travelled to coach to different places in Europe, North America and Latin America.

I’ve also worked with the largest Russian dating coaching company, RMES and one of the biggest names in the daygame world.

I've appeared on several big podcasts and YouTube Channels(Tom Torero, Robbie Kramer, James Tusk), Latvian national radio and some of the biggest business/ideas conferences in Latvia(BizFests, Lampa).

Since autumn 2019. I’ve left my apartment and have been living from city to city daygaming, coaching daygame, learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and just enjoying life.

Now I’ve slept with over 150 girls – the nice, the bitchy, princess, student, lawyer, doctor, camgirl, innocent looking and wild party girls. Most of my lays happen on the first date. And I’ve done it all – threesomes, foursomes, BDSM, girls with boyfriends and husbands, good girls, bad girls, party girls, sugar babies – I’ve done it. I don’t teach guys to be nice guys. I teach guys how to do in real life the stuff they watch on questionable websites while using Incognito mode.

Who is this for?

You should be able to do at least a few sets on your own. If you have crazy AA and can’t yet do 3 sets on your own this might be a bit too hard for you. But don’t worry – if you can do at least a few sets, you should be good.

Who is this not for?

If you suffer from serious mood swings, bipolar disorder or similar this program is not for you. It’s important to keep the group chat positive. And people with such conditions sometimes can’t control what they post. Which leads to long negative rants. If this is about you, I know you think this time you will be able to control it, but I suggest starting with smaller steps than this program.

What Will You Learn?

Every week you'll receive videos and homework explaining the theory you need and teaching you exactly what to focus on


  • Overcome approach anxiety and start talking to 25 girls each week
  • Open girls in a way that makes them want to chat to you instead of "having to go to work" in 10 seconds
  • Learn stacking to spark their emotions and find interesting topics to talk about without asking boring questions
  • Come up with your own openers and stacks to stop using copy/paste lines everyone else uses
  • Teasing girls to make them attracted to you
  • 3 basic storytelling techniques to help girls open up and
  • Advanced storytelling concepts and techniques to talk about any topics that are interesting to YOU
  • What to do when you feel like you're becoming robotic


  • Analyzing your daygame sets to recognize mistakes you're making and learn how to fix them
  • Controling the frame to avoid gold diggers and learn to invite girls over to your place fast instead of going on 5 dates
  • Learn talking about your life, work, hobbies, etc. in an interesting way. Even if you live a very serious life
  • Recognize hook point to avoid flakey numbers
  • Learn number closing
  • Differences between numbers, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • What to do if she says she has a boyfriend when you're asking for her number


  • Stop being a nice guy to avoid being friendzoned, paying for dinners and going on dates to nowhere
  • Learn to use challenging and qualification questions to flip the script and have her start proving she's an interesting girl you should like
  • Understand differences between before & after the hook point to make girls excited and comfortable to go out with you
  • Explore the 3 phases of learning daygame and how to progress through them from beginner to expert

How Did The Guys Like The Program?


When I decided to join the course, I'd been daygaming for less than a month. I knew almost nothing about daygame, excluding some introductions from friends. I thought that to start properly, and not develop bad habits, the best possible way was to let professionals lead my learning path.


I consider myself a curious mindset, so I appreciate the technical details and the explanations between behaviors or actions from the coach. Aside from that, the main focus of the course was on practice. You can't learn how to swim sitting on your sofa, daygame is the same. The coach sustained the mindset that we should go out constantly to get results, and results arrived.

Starting from zero, I got my first phone numbers; my first dates; my first results. Of course, the majority ended up into nothing concretely, but each mistake was a lesson to be learned and a mistake not to be made in the future.

The most common emotions while attending the course and pursuing the tasks were fun and energy. I see daygame not only as a way to meet more ladies but mainly to improve myself. In a society of shy men, nothing is more thrilling than seeing a beautiful woman and not feeling embarrassed to walk toward her and approach her. Does it mean she will play along? No, but that's part of the game, perhaps the beauty of it.


  • The biggest lesson I've learned is that results come with persistence and practice. It is impossible to expect that, after twelve weeks, someone might become a "Casanova". The course gives you exactly the path to follow to achieve such a result, following such a path is the responsibility of the student.

As a last note, I would like to thank both my coach and my coursemates. My coach for his constant help and guidance in any situation (sometimes even nighttime); my coursemates for their questions and shared experiences, because they provided a great way to learn something new each time.


26. Riga, Latvia


I used to daygame really infrequently before the program although I had already taken a 1-1 bootcamp about a year ago. Thus, I lacked discipline, was dealing with approach anxiety and needed to improve my structure. I was doing roughly 2-3 sessions of 5-10 sets a month, for the last 6 months, where I got 2 dates and about 10 numbers.


[During the program] In the last 6 weeks I have done 121 sets (plus the sets that I will do later today). During this time, I got 18 numbers, 1 iDate and 2 dates + 1 new date booked further this week.


  • In my personal case, focusing on the development of the skillset rather than the actual outcomes, at this stage of my journey, was really liberating, as eventually I saw the process as learning a sport, which allowed me to focus on specific things per session and to be tolerant with myself by recognizing that I am beginner in a long-term process and that it is fine to make mistakes. In this sense, focusing on good things per session helps to focus on the improvement.
  • I found that having a defined schedule for daygaming is also really liberating, as I used to overthink about PUA stuff most of the day. Right now, I daygame at the designed schedules and, after that, I continue my normal life without mental masturbating about PUA. This improved my inner game as not only I enjoy more my non-PUA life but also, I feel less perfection-obsessed and outcome dependent than before, which in turn improves my overall vibe and outer game.
  • Witnessing the ups and downs of others guys going out solo was eye-opener as not only I learn from how the manage to succeed but also how they manage frustration and that it is normal to still have bad days at more advanced levels.
  • I found storytelling really useful not only because it prevented myself from running out of things to say, but also because it gave me more time to display my good vibe throughout the delivery of my story, and generating further conversation branches; which I noticed helped me to reach hook points.


31. Liverpool, UK


I was doing 25+ sets per week consistently.

25% set:number ratio.

11% number:date ratio.

I had my first DG lay right before getting started with the program.


Over the program I did:

129 sets

36 numbers

5 dates

2 make-outs

1 lay


I was already doing OK volume before the program. What helped me the most was the coaching calls. I had all my questions answered in a precise fashion. The program was a forcing function to polish the fundamentals and fix basic mistakes.

  • I’ve learned to tell better stories to the girls and I found out they hooked more
  • I also polished my grounding
  • My date game also went smoother. I got a stronger understanding of the escalation dynamics.
  • I also learned to have stronger intent in set. I think it explains my SDDL[Same day de-lay]

I’m happy I’ve done the program. The coaching calls helped me to polish my game and get my 2nd DG lay.


36. Lisbon, Portugal

When, How, How Much?

We launch new group more or less once a month. Fill the applicatino below and I'll e-mail you the info about the next group.

There will be up to 5 guys in the group.

All calls will be recorded so I can watch them to see how you guys are doing and how your trainer is handling everything. This will help me make better weekly videos for you and improve the program. The recordings will be deleted as soon as I watch them.

The whole program will cost 1k EUR

Apply To Join The Next Group

  • Weekly videos and tasks so you know exactly what to focus on
  • 12 weekly 1 hour group coaching calls to stay accountable
  • "Ask Me Anything" at the end of each coaching call
  • Group chat with other guys going through the program

Where will you be daygaming?